How To Avoid The Bad News Of Mold In Your Belleville IL Home

Mold can really be bad news for your home especially when it grows in areas that are considerably difficult to access such as underneath toilets, bathtubs, flooring, sinks, plaster, paint, light fixtures and a host of many other places. Interestingly, it is estimated that more than 100,000 types of mold exist, a variety of which cause different illnesses which may, in extreme cases, lead to death.

Worse news is that most of the toxic mold found in the atmosphere, and which is a great danger to health, is invisible to the naked eye. It is therefore very easy for one’s health to be severely affected, without that person knowing the cause.

Exposure to mold growing indoors may lead to allergy symptoms such as sore throat, breathing difficulties, asthma, skin and eye irritation, running nose, or even headaches. The most vulnerable people likely to develop these symptoms quickly include the aged, persons suffering from respiratory conditions, children and infants. Long term exposure to mold may cause cancer, liver damage and pulmonary injury.

The best way to avoid molds in your home is to prevent their growth in the first place. Controlling moisture greatly reduces the mold’s ability to thrive. If there are any plumbing or moisture leaks, they should be fixed immediately. Molds are unlikely to occur if spills or wetness are dried within a day or two. At the same time, the humidity level should be kept relatively low. If possible, it should be maintained at 20-40 per cent in winter and not more than 60 per cent the rest of the year.

Actual removal of molds becomes the next step by hiring a professional carpet cleaning Belleville IL company. However, this should be done while wearing a mask, eye protection and protective gloves. A wet cloth can be used to slightly wet the mold so as to reduce the amount of airborne spores in the air, while cleaning. Non-porous materials may be cleaned using non-ammonia detergent and scrubbing, while porous ones ought to be removed and discarded. To avoid the bad news of molds in your home, keep it as clean and as dry as possible.

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