Hiring a Professional to Clean your Carpet in Belleville IL

Some people think that renting a rug doctor to clean your carpet with or using a Bissell will deliver the same kind of results as professional carpet cleaning; this cannot be any further from the truth. Some people also believe that carpets cannot stay clean or that hard surfaces are more beneficial for allergy sufferers than carpeting; again this cannot be any further from the truth. Let me explain why and how to keep your carpet clean all while improving your indoor air quality by using Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning Belleville IL.

A Clean Home is a Happy Healthy Home

Carpeting is your biggest indoor air filter which is why Carpet Cleaning Belleville IL, Carpet Cleaners Belleville ILit is important to deep clean your carpet once a year. In fact, Shaw & Mohawk, two of the largest carpet mill manufacturers in the world, suggest cleaning your carpets once a year with Hot Water Extraction, which is the approved carpet cleaning method that Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaners Belleville IL uses.

Belleville IL Carpet Cleaning Prevents Dust Mites

Dust mites trigger severe allergic reactions for children as well as adults and your carpet, if not cleaned professionally once a year, could be holding millions of them. This can and will lead to asthma, skin conditions such as eczema, sneezing and cold like symptoms.

Your indoor air quality as well as the overall appearance of your floors will be considerably enhanced when you have your carpets professionally steam cleaned which studies have proven will kill bacteria, germs, dust mites and allergens.


Carpet Appearance

After having your carpets steam cleaned, you will not only notice your carpets to appear brighter but they will also feel softer. Sand, debris and pollutants that normal vacuuming cannot remove, are removed with Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning powerful truck-mouted steam cleaning machines. Your carpet will also be left with a fresh clean all natural fragrance which is included at no additional charge!

In Conclusion

Cleaning carpet can be tiresome, tedious and boring; but Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning can make it look easy and do all of it for you while you enjoy doing what you do best. Kick back, relax and watch stains, spots and odors disappear right before your eyes as we restore your carpet to like new condition!

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