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With so much to do in so little time, trying to clean your carpets at home or your business can be next to impossible to do at times, although it may be necessary. Residents of Edwardsville Illinois have come to rely on the professional services of Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning for all of their carpet, tile and upholstery needs. We schedule on time appointments so that you are not left wondering when the carpet cleaners will show up. We are a family owned and operated company here in Edwardsville Illinois and each job is supervised by the owner himself. Regardless of what kind of mystery stain you may have on your carpet at home or work, Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning will respond quickly and give attention to detail for all work performed so that you know the job is done correctly when you hire carpet cleaners in Edwardsville IL.

You may be a busy entrepreneur or soccer mom, with kids or pets who have done some serious damage to the carpet; but Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning can make that carpet look brand new again! We are fast, friendly and have the most powerful custom built truckmounted equipment for carpet cleaning services in Edwardsville IL. Our cleaning agents are also biodegradable, nontoxic, hypoallergenic; safe for kids, pets and the environment. If you recognize the importance of natural cleaning solutions, you will love Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning.


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When you choose Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning you are making a wise decision towards the health of your loved ones and your carpet. Enjoy the time that you won’t have to spend cleaning your carpet yourself and let the pros do what we do best.

Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning is the chosen carpet cleaning company in Edwardsville IL Company for anything from tile and grout, to upholstery cleaning, hardwood floors or pet odor removal. Call today to find out more about our company and how we may serve you.

Don’t be fooled by shady low priced carpet cleaning companies. Call Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning for experienced, fast and friendly, fair priced carpet cleaning, upholstery, tile and grout or area rugs.


Carpet Cleaners Edwardsville IL

Health Benefits of having your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

A carpet is one of the most luxurious things to buy when furnishing your office or your home. This means you will have to do what it takes to preserve its quality. Routine maintenance is part of a normal life. Just the way you take your car to get serviced or you go to see a doctor for annual checkups. It is the same way you need to treat your carpet. If your carpets are not professionally cleaned at least twice every year, you are putting your office or your home at risk and everybody in it. Professional cleaning is the only way to go. If you think cleaning your carpets professionally in not necessary, you need to think again. Below are health benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned.

Reduces mold growth

You may have spilled a glass of milk on your carpet. This is a good environment for mold growth. Mold is very dangerous. It can cause irritation to the skin and can eventually cause skin infection. Professional cleaning will reduce the chances of mold growth due to the chemicals used to clean the carpet. This will leave your home safer and smelling good.

Eliminates odors

Your carpet can have things such as pet urine, pet feces, skin cells, dust or dampness. Most of these things can produce odor. The only way to eliminate odor is to remove the source of the odor. Carpets sprays and powders will only mask the odor for a short period of time. Professional cleaning will eliminate the source of any odor leaving your house safe and your carpet clean and smelling fresh.

Eliminates Allergies

Allergies are not cool to deal with. Dust and debris falls onto yours carpets every minute. When the carpet is vacuumed or when it is walked on, all that debris will fly into the air. The dust and debris will make you cough, sneeze and probably get a runny nose or watery eyes. It is therefore important to professionally clean your carpet so that dust and debris do not worsen any allergy condition that you have.

Removes organic waste

It may sound disgusting but an average carpet holds numerous different types of organic and biological wastes. Wetness, blood and pet urine are some of the things that can be found in your carpet right now. When some of these things are left to stay in your carpet for a period of time, they can cause serious problems to you, your children or your pets. The best way to eliminate organic waste in your carpet is involving professional cleaners. Professional cleaning will clean and neutralize your carpet and make your home safe for you, your pets and your children.

Leave your carpets clean

Do you remember what your carpet looked like when it was new? Hope you are not embarrassed about the condition of your carpet right now. Nothing will make you feel safe and happy than having your carpet professionally cleaned. Dirty carpet fibers will be brightened, dirt will be removed and stains will disappear. Professional cleaning will make your carpet look new once more. You will also feel healthy living in a clean environment.

Having your carpets professional cleaned will leave your home or office safe and a healthy place to live in. Hence, ensure your carpets are professionally cleaned at least twice every year by a trusted cleaning company that will give you quality work.

The Benefits of Having Your Tiles and Grout Professionally Cleaned

In most cases, tile and grouts are more than often located in the kitchen or bathroom. These are the two areas in a home that are likely to be moist most of the times and this comes with mold, dirt and discoloration of the tiles and grout that can be utterly unsightly. Well, you could opt to do the cleaning yourself but there are benefits that come with hiring professionals to do the job. After all, it is what they have been trained to do. But why should one opt to pay someone else to clean tiles?

The first advantage is that, though you have to deal with cleaning tiles and grout occasionally, this is something that the professionals deal with on a daily basis. This makes them better equipped to handle the situation both in terms of experience and also in terms of tools. As such it makes them the better candidate to ensure that your tiles remain clean and get the grime off.

Most people do not know that some of the products that they use on their tiles taints their integrity and greatly reduces their lifespan. By hiring professionals, they’re able to know which products will offer the best results while at the same ensuring that your tiles and the grout remain great looking and last longer.

Needless to mention this is a highly time consuming venture especially if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge. As such hiring the professionals would not only save you time but it would also save you a lot of trouble as they would be able to get the job done in a shorter time frame and you could be able to attend to your work at the same time.

The best thing about professionals is that they have sat down and analyzed every single stain that might find its way to your tiles or grout. By doing this, they’re able to find out which is the best way to remove the stains with the least effort most of which you may not have an idea about while keeping the tiles and grout intact.

Professionals understand the types of cleaning materials that can be used on different ceramic surfaces like the tiles and the tubs. As such, they are able to assess which the best products to use on each surface that will not corrode the surface or otherwise taint the color.

Over long period, the dirt and grime that covers your tiles and grout reduces the attractiveness of your home and also make it feel dirty and very dump. However, by hiring professional tile and grout cleaners, they can be able to restore the glory of your home by ensuring that your tiles regain their original luster and sparkle to make your house feel and smell clean.

Needless to mention, this is a professional field like any other. As such you will be treated with the best care possible and with utmost convenience. The best thing about this is that in most cases the company will bend to your side to make sure that they meet your every demand hence allowing you to get some other areas attended to as well like the sink for example.

One might see this as a costly endeavor but realistically, considering that you might only need to call in for this kind of services once after a number of years, it is a cheap and convenient service especially if you want to keep that sparkle in your home.