The Deepest, Healthiest Cleaning – Guaranteed.

You will be the most envied in your neighborhood after Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning leaves your carpets brighter, fresher, and softer than ever before. Our equipment leaves NO residue and our cleaning agents our 100% SAFE!!!

Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning Technology deep cleans every carpet fiber individually, (unlike our competitors). Our equipment is recommended for every type of carpet fibers, new and old, and also restores the fibers back to their formal glory; leaving your carpets smelling like new, bright and sanitized, plus they will stay cleaner…longer!

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Step 1: Flooring Analysis:

First, our team will inspect our customer’s problematic areas. We will then describe the process for taking care of those areas. While performing our inspection we will create a plan of attack to provide our clients the best clean they’ve ever seen! Our clients then have a detailed inspection report and a cost analysis as well as an idea of what to expect before we ever get started.

Step 2: Protecting Flooring Surfaces:

Our team will put down protective mats, canvas tarps, and covers in order to prevent damage to your flooring. Most companies are in a hurry to get out of there and rush off to another job, so they run the risk of damaging your walls, finished hardwood floors as well as other items in your home.

At Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning we tend to slow things down and give you the time that your deserve, while treating your home as if it were our own home.

Step 3: Dry Soil Removal:

You may not realize that dry soil removal is roughly 78% dry soil in your carpet fibers. Dirt, dander, dust mites, dead skin and many other is what is in your carpet. This particles are what wears your carpet out faster if not removed properly and also trigger allergic reactions for allergy sufferers.

Prior to getting started, our team of experts will remove these particles with our powerful HEPA filtration vacuum system to make sure you will get the Deepest Clean possible.

Step 4: Soil Suspension

Again, this is yet another step that sets us apart from our competitors. Laying down a pre-conditioner is what breaks up the dirt, germs, soil and bacteria that lay below the surface. Our cleaning agents are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and they will hold the soil in suspension which brings us to our next step we are going to take when cleaning your carpet.

Step 5: Spot Treatment

The fact that all of our technicians are IICRC Certified means that there isn’t a spot or stain out there that we don’t know how to handle. Rest assured, we are professionals at getting out spots and stains and understand proper chemistry in treating them accordingly so that they NEVER come back!

Step 6: Soil Extraction

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning equipment, Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning has invested tens of thousands of dollars in order to provide you with nothing short of the very best. Our equipment will extract over 90% of the water we apply throughout the carpet cleaning process which means faster dry times, cleaner, sanitized carpet, and ZERO residue when we’re finished!

Step 7: Stain Treatment

Stains and Spots are entirely different. Spots are on the surface, whereas stains have penetrated the dye sites. This means the color of the carpet fiber has been permanently altered. Fortunately for you, our technicians are certified in stain treatment removal. We have the knowledge as well as special cleaning agents that enable us to remove most stains. If we believe there is a stain that won’t come out, we will let you know ahead of time ordinarily. However, there are some stains that because of do it yourself cleaners that have been applied, or the amount of time the stain has been there, may not come out. Specialty stains such as urine, ink, wine and dyes may be an additional charge depending on the level of treatment.

Step 8: Fresh & Green Exclusive Technology

Most carpet cleaning companies in St Louis as well as the Metro East Illinois areas use a less effective cleaning method. To add to that, most cleaners will use a toxic rinse in their rinse water, your carpet may look good – for a few days.  Inevitably you will begin to see spots pop up from where they previously were before – plus that toxic rinse the used in your carpet will attract dirt like crazy, cause respiratory issues and malodors – DISGUSTING!

Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning uses superior exclusive technology that combines effective industrial Deionization that will turn ordinary tap H2O into an advanced state of GREEN cleaning agents which have zero chemicals, detergents, additives that other carpet cleaning companies use. As a result of our exclusive system, your carpets will stay cleaner longer, smell fresher, and feel softer than ever before GUARANTEED!!!

Step 9: Drying

We are just as committed to this area as we are the rest. Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning drying equipment is yet another element that sets us apart from the rest. When finished with a room we will place high velocity drying equipment in order to dry your carpets FASTER than other service providers can!

Step 10: Reapplying Carpet Protector

Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning provides for you not one, but three options in regards to carpet protection. After choosing one of these three choices for carpet protector, maintenance will be easier, spots and stains won’t stand a chance, and the overall appearance of your carpet will be dramatically enhanced as a result of choosing this option.


When you choose to have your carpet protected, Fresh & Green will offer you 50% off every other cleaning when you clean every 6 months! Ask an associate for details!

Step 11: Groom

The reason this step is an important one is because once the carpet protector is applied it allows the protector to penetrate each carpet fiber individually to ensure maximum protection against dirt, soil and spills. It also is important to mention that grooming the carpet also allows it to dry faster and resets the memory of the carpet fibers.

Step 12: Final Walk-Through

This is where we at Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning SHINE! Most service providers rush out of the customers home, and dart off down the street because they are in a hurry to get out of the customers home in effort to avoid criticism for poor work. Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning encourages our clients to walk through their home… in fact; we’ll walk through your home with you! We stand behind our work; we have nothing to hide at all! We want you to not only be satisfied with the work we’ve been hired to do, but we want you to be a customer of Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning for life.

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