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Hardwood Floor Cleaning ServiceHave you looked at your hardwoods lately? Have they lost their luster? Do they look dull, worn, scratched and dirty or just don’t shine like they used to? Good, you’re at the right place! Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning can make your floors look brand NEW again!

You’re not alone, most homeowners want to keep their floors looking great all year round but lack the skill to make them look that way; this is where we come into the game.  If you have a decent amount of foot traffic throughout the year, you may consider having your hardwood floors cleaned once, twice or even quarterly over the year.

Dirt, sand and dry particulate soil can build up and cause premature wear and tear on your hardwoods if not removed properly. Mopping and sweeping will only take you so far, and can just drive dirt deeper into the finish if neglected for too long.  This is the exact reason why the manufacturers suggest having your floors professionally cleaned during the year by a trained professional like Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning.

Hardwood Flooring CleaningOur special process not only cleans, polishes, and protects your hardwoods but also restores the natural beauty of your floors. Our cleaning process is actually recommended by the flooring manufacturers and will dramatically extend the life of your floors and prevent premature wear.

You will be amazed when you see our state of the art equipment that we utilize to make your floors look brand new!

  • Step 1 is to clean your floors with a special product to remove dirt, grime and buildup.
  • Step 2 is a rinsing process to neutralize the floors in preparation to
  • Step 3 where we polish your floors and bring back the natural shine.
  • Step 4 is a refinisher application that the customer chooses of either satin of gloss; this really makes the floors Pop! Unlike other hardwood cleaning companies,  our process only take 1 day, and the entire process is Dust Free!
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