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Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning is a local family Owned/Operated, highly trained IICRC, clean cut, uniformed company who will take care of your needs, respect your home, and deliver consistent results you can count on.


At Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning you will always receive honest and upfront pricing. We will stand by the prices we quote you. Other carpet cleaning companies like to bait and switch customers; we don’t.

warning_o-1_zps91561693When you call Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning, you will not get some pushy sales guys, you will speak directly to the Owner’s. What this means to you is that you can rest assured knowing this; when you call to explain your needs, you will be speaking to the owner’s instead of sales reps, so that your needs are addressed promptly and accurately.


Why you should NEVER rent a Bissell or Rug Doctor…



Top 10 Customer Benefits when choosing

Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning:

  1. Eco-friendly cleaning agents – Safe for Kids & Pets

  2. Your carpet dries in hours instead of days

  3. No pushy sales guys working off commission

  4. No Sub-Contractors

  5. Highly Trained IICRC

  6. No heavy equipment will be drug throughout your home which could cause damage to your walls

  7. No Sticky Residue; Carpet Stays Cleaner Longer

  8. Powerful engine means more suction power

  9. Licensed, Insured, Bonded

  10. Cleaner • Safer • Better

5 Reasons To Choose Fresh and Green:

Reputation – Some of the area’s most seasoned Carpet Retailers, Interior Designers, and Realtors refer our services exclusively to home owners.

Experience – Fresh and Green Carpet Cleaning is experienced in all flooring and fabric types as well as every soiling condition known to our industry.

Education – Fresh and Green Carpet Cleaning is certified by the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Certification – The world’s most Recognized body of certification for Carpet and Upholstery cleaners.

Systems – Our systems are the most advanced on the market getting MAXIMUM SOIL REMOVAL and MAXIMUM SPOT REMOVAL without leaving a sticky residue or over-wetting your carpet.

Guarantee – If you’re not happy, we’re not happy…period.


Why Choose Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning?

You won’t get a deeper, healthier clean from any other carpet cleaning company in St Louis or Metro East Il. Guaranteed! We have the experience and technology NO ONE ELSE HAS! For a true “Deep Clean”, call “Fresh & Green”.

With so many carpet cleaners out there, allow me to explain what really sets us apart from the others…


3 Huge advantages we have over our competition:


Advantage #1: We have “Custom” state of the art cleaning equipment:

Our custom brand new truck mounts are more powerful and provide higher heat than our competitors who use weak, low powered, outdated cleaning equipment.

Advantage #2: Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning uses proprietary cleaning agents exclusive to our company.

Our cleaning agents are 100% non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, perfume and dye free that are SAFE for you, your pets, the environment and most importantly your children. We do not use soaps and detergents (like our competitors), as stated above we use an organic pre-spray that will not leave your carpets crunchy or stiff.

Because of this, we are much MORE EFFECTIVE in reducing allergens, dust mites, dirt, and pet dander without using toxic harmful degreasers that so many cheap carpet cleaners use who advertise low prices.

Advantage #3: Our Customer Service Priority #1

Our job isn’t complete unless you’re 100% satisfied; which is the reason our retention rate is in the ninety percentile.

When you invite us into your home, we take great pride in protecting your investment by utilizing corner guards to protect your walls; shoe covers to protect your flooring, Styrofoam blocks to prevent furniture dye transfer; tarps to protect your beautiful hardwood floors…I could go on and on, but I digress.

We also move most furniture with the exception of fine china, tv entertainment centers, and computers because we have your best interest in mind and wouldn’t want to run the risk of damaging those items.

To add to your peace of mind, all of our employees are background checked, uniformed technicians who are courteous, well groomed and receive continual ongoing training.

When you hire Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning, you are hiring the Best in St Louis & Metro East IL; We are the tried and true EXPERTS in the field!


Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning is serious about providing sanitized, soft, healthy carpet in your home. In order to accomplish just that, we’ve done what no other carpet cleaning company has done. 


Here’s How Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning System Works… 

Step #1: We start off by applying our chemical free organic pre-spray to help break the bond between the dirt and the carpet fibers.

The cleaning agents we use are APEO and Phospahte free, non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, green seal certified, IAQ approved, CRI approved, 100% SAFE, 100% EFFECTIVE!

Step #2: We don’t use “ordinary tap water” to rinse clean your carpet, (like our competitors), no our process is totally unique!

The problem with using ordinary tap water as a cleaner is that it has added minerals and contaminants that drastically impacts its ability to clean properly.

Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning uses a patented ion-exchange multi-membrane filtration system which actually removes minerals, contaminants, and chemicals (such as copper, sodium, calcium, iron oxide and others). We are the only company in St Louis & Metro East Il that has this technology that results in the most thorough rinsing that can be achieved when cleaning carpet.

Our “deionized water” is so contaminant free, that we don’t have to use anything else other than our special water to rinse your carpet. All of the other carpet cleaning companies in the area use soaps, detergents and chemicals when they rinse your carpet…we don’t, we don’t need to! We leave your carpet chemical free, residue free, which results in a cleaner, healthier clean; safe for your kids, pets and the environment!

Step #3: Our truckmounted carpet cleaning machines have the most powerful vacuums in the world!

Our set ups remove over 90% of the water we put down, which means your carpets will dry faster!

Bear in mind, when we clean your carpet, we don’t leave behind sticky residue which attracts dirt like a  magnet, we only leave behind fresh, green, sanitized carpeting!



Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning Belleville IL provide numerous benefits for carpet: our methods are Eco-friendly; they provide better-looking carpets; they kill mold and mold spores; they kill bacteria; they get rid of other allergens, such as dust and dust mites amongst other benefits.

Mold and Mold Spores

When there is moisture in the air, mold spores are present. They can collect in any given area and form mold, including the carpet. Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning removes mold and mold spores to avoid further problems within the home. In addition, steam cleaning does not leave a large amount of water behind to aggravate further onset.

Bacteria and Viruses

Certain strains of bacteria can live for up to 4 weeks in carpet. Certain viruses can also stay present for the same amount of time. Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning will clean the carpet and greatly reduce the risk of illness and other problems by getting rid of bacteria and viruses effectively.


Vacuuming alone doesn’t rid the carpet of allergens; however, Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning quickly removes allergens from the carpet, such as dust, pollen and dust mites that can cause allergic reactions.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are especially hard to rid of. These are particularly rampant in carpet, amongst other surfaces. Dust mites, themselves, do not cause allergies, but rather the fecal matter that they leave behind. Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning greatly helps in the removal of dust mites and their fecal matter.

Professional carpet cleaning cleans better and more efficiently than vacuuming alone. Homes that have carpets need Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning Belleville IL


Carpet Cleaners Belleville IL

Why You Should Have Your Furniture Professionally Cleaned

Many people would not dare to admit it but they struggle with the decision of whether to clean their furniture by themselves or hire the services of professional upholstery cleaning company. One thing that everyone can agree on is that cleaning furniture is a very difficult, taxing and daunting task. It is even more difficult for those residing in the cities because of the busy schedule of most city dwellers.

By far, the better choice is to have your furniture professionally cleaned. For most people, what comes into mind is the quotation that will be made by the cleaning company. Their belief is that such companies will charge exorbitant amounts of money for the services. When looked at critically, having your furniture cleaned by a specialist is more advantageous. Here are some reasons why you should have your furniture professionally cleaned.

High levels of professionalism

Professional furniture cleaners go through rigorous training on how to clean upholstery of different types and designs. The use of a wrong cleaning method and/or cleaning agents can destroy the furniture. Professional cleaners have the necessary expertise to deal with all the types of upholstery in the market.

Better results

When first purchased, furniture looks clean and great. I belt all of us would love that they stay that way. Professional cleaners not only remove dirt but they also restore the stability and the original elegance of the upholstery. By the time the professionals are through, your furniture will look as good and clean as new. These cleaners are also highly experienced and so will definitely do a better job.

It is cost effective

Most people think that it is costly to hire the services of professional carpet cleaners. While this may be more expensive than doing it yourself, it will prove more cost effective later. Poorly maintained upholstery will wear out fast and will soon need repair or outright replacement. Compare what it will cost to buy new furniture and that for hiring professional cleaner who will give your furniture a longer lifespan.

Better health and living conditions

The dirt, dust and other impurities that accumulate on the furniture can lead to allergies and other health problems. Most people clean upholstery by vacuuming which may not be able to remove all the allergens. Professional furniture cleaners use cleaning methods such as steam cleaning capable of eliminating all dirt and allergens that can be detrimental to your health.

Saves time

Imagine the time you will have to take to clean all the upholstery in the house. To do it well, you may require a number of hours that most city dwellers do not have. Because of their experience, professional upholstery cleaners are able to do the work a lot faster and more efficiently with better results.


Clean furniture will give your house a fresh and elegant look while protecting you and your loved ones from health conditions that may arise from poor hygiene. There is no better way to go about it other than to hire the services of a reputable professional furniture cleaning company.


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Keep Your Tile and Grout Clean with The Right Professionals

Just like carpets need to be cleaned regularly for getting rid of the stains, dust, dirt, bad smell and other particles, your tile and grouts also need a regular cleaning done by a specialist. The reason why hiring a professional to clean tile and grout is important is because they are specialized in the area and they know how to carry out the task in the right way. A professional grout and tile cleaner can extend the life of your floor, enhance your grout and tile’s look and improve the health of your family.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

• Enhance Your Floor Appearance: Tiles and grout that have been poorly and unprofessionally cleaned may seem aged prematurely, stained, or simply have an unpleasant look. Most of the times, this bothers many homeowners, especially when they are hosting guests for a holiday visit. You therefore need to get a professional to do the tile and grout way like it is supposed to.

• Proper handling of the situation: The professionals understand the specific cleaning necessities for different ceramics, bathroom types as well as natural stones. These specialists comprehend how to handle the kitchen, interior and exterior tile and grout cleaning necessities that are accompanied with the absolute cleaning products. The professionals know the right way to take care of the dirt in the grout or scrub off the stain on the tiles in the right way.

• To Curb infections and dirt-related diseases: When dirt and water is logged on the tiles and grout, they will form a layer of mold that contain bacteria. The bacteria can transmit disease through the air to the family member. Also, if you try to do it yourself, you may end up touching the mold and once it is in contact with your skin, it will affect you with germs. A professional will be equipped with relevant tools and equipment to get rid of the dirt on your tiles and grout. They use masks and gloves that are sanitized, hence they get rid of the dirt and ensure you are in a healthy surrounding.

• Extend Your floor life: Getting an expert to clean your tile and grout, they will help your floor tiles to have a longer life altogether. When you use the wrong materials, say to scrub off the dirt on your tiles and in the grout, it may be chipping of the surface, which might shorten its life in the long run. However, a professional will ensure they use the right products to remove the dirt without tempering with the surfaces in any way.

Generally, the beauty and long life of your floor are the main reason as to why hiring a professional to clean tile and grout is important. It is important to live in a healthy, clean and appealing house without worrying about who will check in for holidays or weekends. Get the right person to make your floor and be sure of a long lasting tile and grout life that will ever be sparking and save you repair fees.

Carpet Cleaning Belleville IL

What to know about Green Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever asked yourself why hiring a “green” carpet cleaner is important.? Well if you have no idea about it, here are some important things for you to know. First of all, carpet cleaning is normally considered to be a back-breaking kind of task that any homeowner will always worry about. It actually has a huge influence specifically in cleanliness of your own house and is also given utmost attention. To add on that also, some homeowners usually worry about cleanliness of their carpets without even realizing that the common cleaning methods they normally use for cleaning the carpets may have some adverse effects on the environment.

Nowadays, you have to know that there is a wide range of good cleaning solutions that are available in the market. However, you have to know that, they are made of some harmful chemicals which may have some adverse effects on the surroundings. In that case, you have to employ eco-friendly solutions in order to clean your carpets and more so save our environment.

Most of the people have come to learn about many types of eco-friendly options that are known to be more helpful for the green initiative in carpet cleaning. In addition to that also, there are also many cleaning solutions which are homemade and can be given a try. These particular eco-friendly solutions have no any harmful effects on the environment. In fact, there are many known professional carpet cleaners who normally claim to be green, but not all of them are true. Therefore, it is recommended for you to find out the right green carpet cleaner.

Importance of hiring a green carpet cleaner

� They are eco-friendly and also better for our environment

� The cleaning agents are biodegradable

� Products are safe for kids and pets.

Apart from that also, there are some important things you really have to consider especially when hiring a recommended green carpet cleaner. It includes the following:

� The chemicals that are in the cleaning solution must be safe in order to use and also eco-friendly.

� Certified non-toxic cleaning presprays

In conclusion, hiring a genuine green carpet cleaner is of great importance to you. This is simply because they are well-known to be safe especially for our environment and also our family as well. So, whenever you think of carpet cleaning, then it is a high time for you to think about hiring a green carpet since it offers high quality services which are well proven to be eco-friendly.