Tile & Grout Cleaning Belleville IL

Benefits of using our Tile & Grout Cleaning Belleville IL Service

Belleville Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning and Sealing Service

Cleaning tile and grout with a mop and a bucket of soap will only add a filmy residue on your tile floor that will be next to impossible to remove on your own after buildup takes place.

Realize this, tile is very porous, similar to a sponge and your tile and grout will actually absorb dirt, grime, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, etc.

Fresh & Green uses the combination of extreme heat, agitation, extreme amounts of vacuum power suction as well as pressure to power-wash your tile and grout and will thoroughly and effectively cleanse your floor of any and all grime, dirt, and grease. Your floors will not only appear to be clean; your floors actually WILL be sanitized, germ free, bright, shiny, and residue free!

Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning also provides grout sealing. By choosing this option, your floors will be easier to maintain, resist mold growth and mildew, resist staining, and will stay cleaner, longer!